Crime Thriller





Directed by

Fred Durst


John Travolta, Devon Sawa, Ana Golja, Jacob Grodnik, James Paxton, Josh Richman, Jeff Chase, Luis Da Silva Jr., Jessica Uberuaga, Rene Michelle Aranda, Marta González Rodin, Leslie Sides

Moose is an autistic man and works as a street performer on Hollywood Boulevard. Moose is also an avid movie fan, especially of the action film actor Hunter Dunbar. When Moose finally gets an opportunity to meet him and get an autograph, he is rejected when Dunbar’s ex-wife comes to abruptly see him. Moose is friends with a young paparazzi photographer, Leah, who shows Moose an app that publishes home addresses of famous celebrities, including his hero. Moose goes to Dunbar’s house and tries to give him a letter in search of an autograph. Dunbar confronts Moose and tells him to stay out of his neighborhood. Moose comes back again and climbs a fence, but is scared off by Dunbar’s housekeeper. Moose keeps returning and eventually gains entry to the house after accidentally pushing the housekeeper into a stone fountain, killing her. Moose is again rejected by Dunbar, who calls Moose a stalker and threatens to shoot Moose if he sees him in the neighborhood again.