2019 - Completed


Directed by

Giovanni Fortunato


Gianpiero Mastro (Assistant Director), Francesco Muzzupappa (Author Subject), Flavio Pagni (Production Manager), Kevin Tani (Director Of Photography), Federico Ricco (Editor), David Sarti (Executive Producer), Jacques Avella (Art Director), Martina Merletti (Make-Up Artist)

We are talking about glass, one of the most useful and used materials by man. Millennia of human history are linked to this material, starting from obsidian, up to the most elaborate contemporary objects; in the middle there is everything. This documentary offers a total immersion in the history of Italian glass, using Venice (in this case Murano), as the ideal sample that contains within it the total completeness of the pieces that have made this art, an Italian excellence in the eyes of the world. Ultimately, this documentary will be a real journey through the history of glass craftsmanship in all its forms, from the oldest objects to the most modern creations resulting from foreign collaborations.

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