Sam Freilich, Austin Peters, and Deering Regan

Directed by

Austin Peters


Elizabeth Banks, Nathan Fillion, and Lewis Pullman

“Skincare” tells the story of the downfall of facialist-to-the-stars Hope Goldman. When we first meet Hope, she is fighting to grow her small business and launch her own line of skincare products.

She harbors ambitions, but is still finding her voice. However, Hope’s personal and work lives begin to unravel shortly after a business rival named Angel Segarra opens Shimmer, a skincare and waxing boutique, directly across from hers. Angel is younger, savvier, and more confident. Around the same time, she meets Jordan, a charming twentysomething struggling to make it in Hollywood.

But Hope’s world comes crashing down when she starts to receive anonymous phone calls. Someone is posting Craigslist ads in her name soliciting sex. Soon, strange men are arriving at her home and business. After doing some detective work and asking Jordan for help, she becomes convinced that Angel is trying to sabotage her work and is responsible for the attacks.

With nowhere else to turn and at the end of her rope, Hope enlists her auto mechanic to help put a stop to Angel. Then everything spirals out of control. The mechanic’s plan to intimidate Angel goes off the rails. He almost kills Angel and ends up dead in a car accident while trying to flee the scene. The subsequent homicide investigation leads back to Hope.

The detectives are closing in on Hope when she learns to her horror that the attacks were in fact being orchestrated by Jordan the entire time. Hope gets arrested but has a newfound notoriety, which will eventually lead to big business.

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